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Set The Mood With Your Table Setting

The Gastronomic meal of the French was inscribed on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2010. It is described as “a festive meal bringing people together for an occasion to enjoy the art of good eating and drinking”. It is also stated that “the setting of a beautiful table” is [...]

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5 Tips For A Romantic Dinner At Home

Looking for that « special place » for V-Day or any other celebration with your +1? Look no further than your own home! Here are 5 tips for a romantic dinner right at home.Avoid the "heart-themed" look at all costs! There are so many compelling and imaginative decorative accents to choose from that it is [...]

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Spruce Up Your Kids Room 3/3

Here is the last post of our series called "how to spruce up your kids room".You can check out my first post on wall decals, hooks & knobs, and my second post on kids mobiles and storage solutions for your kids rooms. I'll be ending the series today by talking about textiles, rugs and furniture.Cushions & Bed [...]

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Spruce Up Your Kids Room 2/3

This week I'd like to share a few more tips and ideas to help you revamp your little one's bedroom without breaking the bank: with some creative (and DIY) mobiles and garlands, and lovely toy baskets and boxes.Creative suspensions, garlands & DIY Kids mobiles For nights filled with sweet dreams and (hopefully, for your ears) [...]

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Spruce Up Your Kids Room 1/3

Chinese New Year is the perfect time of the year to get started sprucing up your home! Apart from the traditional cleaning and tidying up of houses that comes with this festive season, seize the occasion and take the chance to give your kid's room a makeover.Below are a few of my tips to help [...]

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Wall Décor | Time To Accumulate

To add a simple, personal touch to your interior, hanging pictures and paintings on the walls is the way to go. If a single frame or mirror just does not seem enough, read our tips below.The trick behind having impressive wall deco in your household is to accumulate frames, pictures, paintings, mirrors, decorative accents, hooks [...]

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Dining with Chef Florian Kraemer

#Guest Chef No. 3 Our gourmet series continues this week with French Chef Florian Kraemer. At the time of this photoshoot, Chef Florian was the pastry Chef of Justin Quek's restaurant "Sky on 57" located on the top floor of Marina Bay Sands in Singapore.After Chef Kentaro Torii's Japanese dishes and Chef Bruno Ménard's French [...]

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Dining With 3-Michelin Star Chef Bruno Ménard

#Guest Chef No. 2Our dining series continues this week with another great Chef (and a dear friend of mine), who was awarded 3 Stars by the Michelin guide: Bruno Ménard.Today, I’m pleased to introduce one of the most talented and renowned chefs ever: French Chef Bruno Ménard. Thank you very much again Chef for accepting [...]

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The Importance Of Harmony At Home

When learning the basics of interior design, it is important to understand the differences between “size”, “space” and “proportion”."Size” refers to the dimensions of something like a product or a wall, “space” refers to an area (a room) and “proportion” is the comparative relation between two or more objects.Don't worry too much about these definitions [...]

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Essential | Kitchen Towels

Have you ever tried drying your dishes without any kitchen towels? Hard to imagine, isn't it? Not only are these little cloths our best, convenient cleaning allies, they also play a part in your kitchen decoration too!After spending so much time (and money) renovating or decorating your kitchen, you should definitely pay attention to your [...]

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