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Posted by Helene, Founder of STYLODECO on

Summer Cabin in Gotland, Sweden

This lovely summer cabin is located on the island of Gotland in Sweden. What I like about this house is its modern and minimalist look and feel. The owners have created a cosy atmosphere by making use of neutral tones (greys, beiges, whites) and raw materials like concrete and wood for the walls and floors. I particularly like the kitchen with its visible beam structure. The dining table with its concrete top blends in beautifully with the ceramics, hanging designer lights and wall tiles too.


Source: Fantasticfrank

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8 Inspiring Home Office Spaces

Working from home is the best decision I have ever taken in my professional life. Working from home is not for everyone though. Some people need to be around other people to get their work done. I don't. From the moment I started working from home, I gained so much freedom and flexibility. But I [...]

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Iconic Design | The Eclipse Lamp

From mathematicians to scientists, philosophers to architects, artists to designers; the nautilus shell has long been a source of inspiration. Nautiluses first appeared more than 500 million years ago and have been a popular symbol of perfection since the time of Ancient Greece. It is a figure of proportional perfection whose shape represents the elusive [...]

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Grupa: Minimalism and Functionality Incorporated Into Innovative Design

When thinking about a brand that strikes the perfect balance between practicality and maintaining critical design elements, Croatian brand Grupa Products springs to mind. Two of their stand-out products that truly embody the brand’s elegance and style are the Model and Arigato lamps. The brand began as a successful, award-winning design studio, before becoming a manufacturer [...]

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A Guide to Minimalist Design

Minimalism can be a loaded word for many people. Images of stark white rooms with crisp straight lines more reminiscent of a museum than a home often spring to mind. However, the goal of minimalistic interior design is to utilise simple and essential elements for maximum effect.It’s all about creating a living space that is [...]

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Stunning Villa Palmier

I recently came across this absolutely dreamy holiday house located in St Barthélémy (St Barths), in the French West Indies. I simply adore the airy and bright interiors, as well as clean lines that are found in the house.The Villa's website has tons of stunning images of the island and the property. Looking at that [...]

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Bring Brass Back into your Home Décor

Brass is back! After an extended exile from the world of stylish home décor, brass has resurfaced as an essential feature of modern home design. It’s tempting to view this as a trend but brass has always been an important element in interior design.Unlike the high-lacquered, too-bright brass of the late 20th century, today’s brass [...]

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10 Ideas to Style Indoor Plants

Decorating your interior with houseplants is one of the best ways to create a welcoming atmosphere. Even the smallest use of greenery brings life and a sense of nature to any home. Luckily, living in warm Singapore gives us access to a wide range of tropical plants from palms to orchids, cacti and succulents. Is [...]

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Beyond Basic Bamboo

Prized for centuries for its beauty, versatility and environmental benefits, bamboo has long been an essential element in home design. Its strength and durability in challenging climates makes it an ideal material for architects and interior designers.Too often, though, bamboo is relegated to practical and uninspired furniture, flooring or window treatments.It’s time to move beyond [...]

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The Elegance of Minimalist Marble Design

Marble has a formidable history and a reputation that tends toward the stately and majestic. It is a bold and awe-inspiring element of nature. Its use in art, architecture and design dates back thousands of years to ancient Egypt and Mesopotamian cultures.Marble is a natural resource that is inherently strong and distinctly alluring. However, as [...]

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