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Decorating With Natural Elements | The Wonders of Wood

Nature has always been a source of inspiration for home design. We have an innate desire to bring the wonders of nature back with us into our homes. As our lives have grown increasingly busy, hyper-connected and digital, it is crucial that our homes provide us with a space that is balanced, calm and relaxing.

The growing popularity of utilising raw materials in home design reflects this need to create personal spaces that are peaceful and restorative. The natural and sustainable features of raw materials, like wood, are encouraging a new design aesthetic -- one that incorporates organic elements into modern décor that is understated yet aesthetically striking and refined.

Whether it is seen in the fine and lustrous touch of decorative accents or in the very grain of a piece of furniture, wood’s natural elegance always comes to the surface. Adding natural elements to your home helps in creating a living space that is centred, connected and composed. 

- Stylodeco’s large Outdoor Dining Table (out of stock) is made of natural teak wood and is a model of effortless elegance. Teak is quite simply the best wood for outdoor furniture because of its strength and ability to withstand harsh environments. Its strength, durability and naturally beautiful patina only get better with age. This dining table is sure to become a favourite spot to enjoy meals, share stories or play board games with family and friends. 

- We don’t mean to boast but Stylodeco’s Vintage Rattan Bed is simply stunning. The rattan frame with its pattern shaped loops accentuates the timeless sophistication of vintage French design. Place this bed in a room with brightand contemporary features to instil a feeling of serenity. With this bed, your child’s room will be transformed into a calm and luxurious space that will impress everyone with its graceful style.

- Rustic charm meets modern minimalism in Stylodeco’s Side Table (out of stock). The table is made from reclaimed pinewood and set in a frame of black iron. Repurposed pinewood with industrial elements adds warm texture and authentic character to this versatile modern table. The natural knots, whorls and grain of the table’s reclaimed wood add beauty and distinction.

An easy way to incorporate wood into your home is through kitchen accessories, dining ware and accent pieces. These smaller pieces are a great way to add undertones of natural warmth and earthiness to your living space: a wooden cutting board or salad servers for example.

One of the advantages of wood is its freedom as a design object to blend in with existing styles and themes. Wood accent pieces do not distract or overpower a room. On the contrary, even just a touch of wood in a room will encourage a sense of balance and add class to an existing space.

Decorative wooden knobs are the perfect way to refresh a wardrobe or add character to a well-loved cabinet. The Liva Knob by House Doctor is made of wood and iron and come in black and grey. Functional and stylish these wooden knobs are a great design solution.

Here is a selection of images showing how you can add touches of wood here and there across your home to make it more welcoming and comfortable.

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