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Gifting Guide: Olsson & Jensen Vases

Whether it’s Sunday brunch with relatives or a dinner party with new friends, we all love the honour of an invitation. Thankfully, being a charming guest is pretty straightforward: be gracious, offer to help, clean up after yourself – and come bearing gifts.Finding the perfect gift for your generous host, however, can be somewhat stressful. [...]

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Get Organised With Bloomingville's Metal Storage Basket

Maintaining both a stylish and organised home can sometimes feel rather overwhelming. Our lives are increasingly busy and each day seems to carry with it a new demand. Keeping our living spaces as organised and clutter-free as we would like is challenging. That is why it is so important to incorporate beautiful household items that [...]

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Summer Cabin in Gotland, Sweden

This lovely summer cabin is located on the island of Gotland in Sweden. What I like about this house is its modern and minimalist look and feel. The owners have created a cosy atmosphere by making use of neutral tones (greys, beiges, whites) and raw materials like concrete and wood for the walls and floors. [...]

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Moving In: 6 Essentials To Style Your Very Own Place

Moving homes is an exciting time! But when you finally find the time to start unpacking into your new home, you might realise that the apartment you're in doesn't quite feel like home yet. Remember not to panic, and instead embrace this empty space as an opportunity to express your creativity and personality!Whilst trying to [...]

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8 Inspiring Home Office Spaces

Working from home is the best decision I have ever taken in my professional life. Working from home is not for everyone though. Some people need to be around other people to get their work done. I don't. From the moment I started working from home, I gained so much freedom and flexibility. But I [...]

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Iconic Design | The Eclipse Lamp

From mathematicians to scientists, philosophers to architects, artists to designers; the nautilus shell has long been a source of inspiration. Nautiluses first appeared more than 500 million years ago and have been a popular symbol of perfection since the time of Ancient Greece. It is a figure of proportional perfection whose shape represents the elusive [...]

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Before/After With Frenchic Furniture Paint 1/2

Last year I attended my first Frenchic workshop with Diane and Anne-Laure, the lovely girls behind Interior Design firm AD Concept. I discovered the secrets of Frenchic furniture paint as well as how to give a new life to a white shelf from Ikea. Here's how!A little bit about FrenchicSome of you may have heard [...]

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Setting the Morning Right | Stylish Design Elements for Breakfast at Home

Oftentimes, we don’t give much thought to breakfast. Whilst knowing it’s the most important meal of the day, that knowledge seems only to leave us with guilt at so often neglecting it. At the same time, breakfast should not and need not be another source of stress in our lives. Incorporating smart and stylish design [...]

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Masseria Moroseta, A Simple Elegant Farmhouse On The Puglian Coast

Located on the Puglian coast near Ostuni (South-East of Italy), Hotel Masseria Moroseta is described by its owner as “a charming white stone farmhouse with six rooms in a 5 hectare organic olive grove”. This private getaway combines minimalism with simple elegance. Follow me as I explore the space in this house tour.It seems Masseria [...]

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Grupa: Minimalism and Functionality Incorporated Into Innovative Design

When thinking about a brand that strikes the perfect balance between practicality and maintaining critical design elements, Croatian brand Grupa Products springs to mind. Two of their stand-out products that truly embody the brand’s elegance and style are the Model and Arigato lamps. The brand began as a successful, award-winning design studio, before becoming a manufacturer [...]

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