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Recipe | Goat Cheese Salad, Radishes & Pears

If you’re having friends over anytime soon, here’s a refreshing and uncomplicated starter to serve to your gourmet guests. The Goat Cheese Salad, Radishes & Pears, a recipe by Chef Nicolas Vahé, is the perfect dish to spice up your summer dinners.Simplicity, even in foodFor those who are unfamiliar with Nicolas Vahé, he is a [...]

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Markslojd’s Bright, Functional and Affordable Lamps

Markslojd Sweden is the embodiment of Nordic design — minimalism, simplicity and functionality. Their table, ceiling, and wall lamps not only make for great displays within the house, but are also very affordable! As one of Northern Europe’s leading lighting companies, the distinguished Scandinavian lighting manufacturer prides itself in designing practical and stylish lamps. They have [...]

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Bright Spaces And Neutral Tones In Sweden

What really impressed me when I first discovered this apartment is how every room is flooded with natural light. Add to that the wooden floors, marble and concrete elements, neutral hues, and clean contemporary lines, and I couldn't help but wish I lived in this lovely and cosy space. I'm sure you'll understand what I [...]

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8 Gifts Below $100 For New Home Owners

If you know someone who recently moved, or is about to move into a new home, maybe it's time to start preparing to attend their house-warming party. Here's a little help if you find yourself at a loss when gift hunting for the perfect house warming present.Searching for the perfect gift for an occasion such [...]

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A Guide to Minimalist Design

Minimalism can be a loaded word for many people. Images of stark white rooms with crisp straight lines more reminiscent of a museum than a home often spring to mind. However, the goal of minimalistic interior design is to utilise simple and essential elements for maximum effect.It’s all about creating a living space that is [...]

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Stunning Villa Palmier

I recently came across this absolutely dreamy holiday house located in St Barthélémy (St Barths), in the French West Indies. I simply adore the airy and bright interiors, as well as clean lines that are found in the house.The Villa's website has tons of stunning images of the island and the property. Looking at that [...]

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Minimalist Side Tables

Small, convenient, and frequently overlooked, a side table adds a vital point of interest or finishing touch to a room’s interior. Other furniture may demand more attention, but an accent table lends invaluable support to the form and function of a room.The perfect side tableAs design enthusiasts, we are constantly on the hunt for the [...]

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A Touch of French Romance With Ask A French Flowers

Aude is a young florist with a huge talent – as I'm sure you could tell from the pictures of our first styling work together. She has an incredible flair for making colourful, bold and boho-chic flower arrangements that add a touch of romance to any interior.Our collaborationsAude and I met back in October 2016. It was just a [...]

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Bring Brass Back into your Home Décor

Brass is back! After an extended exile from the world of stylish home décor, brass has resurfaced as an essential feature of modern home design. It’s tempting to view this as a trend but brass has always been an important element in interior design.Unlike the high-lacquered, too-bright brass of the late 20th century, today’s brass [...]

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10 Ideas to Style Indoor Plants

Decorating your interior with houseplants is one of the best ways to create a welcoming atmosphere. Even the smallest use of greenery brings life and a sense of nature to any home. Luckily, living in warm Singapore gives us access to a wide range of tropical plants from palms to orchids, cacti and succulents. Is [...]

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