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Moroccan Inspired Rugs

Moroccan-influenced décor is a wonderful way to add warmth, luxury and interest to your home. The rich textures, colours and patterns of classical Moroccan design are an especially beautiful complement to the elegant minimalism found in modern Scandinavian design. The unique contrast between styles creates a space that is relaxed, sophisticated, and a delight for [...]

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Beyond Basic Bamboo

Prized for centuries for its beauty, versatility and environmental benefits, bamboo has long been an essential element in home design. Its strength and durability in challenging climates makes it an ideal material for architects and interior designers.Too often, though, bamboo is relegated to practical and uninspired furniture, flooring or window treatments.It’s time to move beyond [...]

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The Elegance of Minimalist Marble Design

Marble has a formidable history and a reputation that tends toward the stately and majestic. It is a bold and awe-inspiring element of nature. Its use in art, architecture and design dates back thousands of years to ancient Egypt and Mesopotamian cultures.Marble is a natural resource that is inherently strong and distinctly alluring. However, as [...]

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Try Your Hand At Accent Lighting With Markslöjd's Multi Wall Lamp

If there is one element that makes all the difference when designing an interior space, it is lighting. Quite simply, lighting makes (or breaks) a room. For everything we see is determined by the way it is lit. Accent lighting, in particular, is one of the most effective ways you can change up, influence and/or [...]

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Markslöjd Table Lamps For A Thoughtful Workspace

There are few things in life more satisfying than that moment of 'Aha!' That instant when a flash of insight illuminates within us and we finally understand something that was previously incomprehensible. Very often, we imagine a light bulb turning on inside our brain as this new understanding comes into focus.It turns out, however, that [...]

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Creating Stunning Interiors with Concrete

Concrete might not immediately spring to mind when it comes to interior design. However, concrete has undergone a remarkable transformation over the last few years. What was once considered a strictly utilitarian material has been reimagined and embraced by innovative designers who are creating sophisticated interiors and captivating home décor.Concrete is raw, imperfect, grey and [...]

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Styling Organic Tea Brand Nilufer

A couple of months ago, I met Leah from Nilufer. She needed help styling her organic teas in store, so we worked together on an attractive way to showcase her beautiful products while still respecting the brand's image and philosophy. Check out her teas, they're amazing!A tea for the eyes and palateNilufer teas are made [...]

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Decorating With Natural Elements | The Wonders of Wood

Nature has always been a source of inspiration for home design. We have an innate desire to bring the wonders of nature back with us into our homes. As our lives have grown increasingly busy, hyper-connected and digital, it is crucial that our homes provide us with a space that is balanced, calm and relaxing.The [...]

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10 Simple Christmas Wreath Ideas

During the festive season, I usually craft my own Xmas wreath. You know me by now: I believe "simplicity is the ultimate sophistication", so I usually choose simple tree branches (olive, laurel, eucalyptus, etc.) and add a bow or Christmas ornaments to decorate it. The simpler the better. Below are ideas of simple yet elegant [...]

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Wow Your Guests By Making Your Own Christmas Wreath

Be creative this festive season and make your own stylish Christmas wreath with some baby’s breath. Kate from Floweret Co. takes us through a step by step tutorial and tells us where to buy the materials, as well as how much they cost.Some of you would know Kate and her amazing taste in fresh flowers. She [...]

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