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Posted by Helene, Founder of STYLODECO on

Beyond Basic Bamboo

Prized for centuries for its beauty, versatility and environmental benefits, bamboo has long been an essential element in home design. Its strength and durability in challenging climates makes it an ideal material for architects and interior designers.

Too often, though, bamboo is relegated to practical and uninspired furniture, flooring or window treatments.

It’s time to move beyond the basics of bamboo. Elevate your expectations and discover how bamboo’s incredible versatility makes it an ideal and easily integrative material to enhance your home’s unique style. Bamboo is one of the finest natural materials you can opt for in terms of style, functionality and durability.

Bamboo’s decorative range is virtually endless. Supple, strong and naturally beautiful; bamboo has become a favourite material for modern designers. Leading design firms such as Bloomingville, Broste Copenhagen and Tine K Home are enhancing bamboo’s classic appeal and creating home décor that features bamboo in innovative, modern and distinctive designs.

You certainly do not need to overhaul your entire aesthetic approach when selecting bamboo elements for your home. Bamboo décor is easy to incorporate and complements many design styles. Let’s shine a new light on bamboo and discover how something as simple as a lampshade or a sofa can transform and captivate a room with elegance and style.

1. Our Lampshades / Baskets are handmade and their design is actually inspired by poultry cages that can be found in traditional Vietnamese marketplaces. It performs double duty as both a pendant lampshade and a convenient basket. The bamboo basket can be a simple, yet beautiful, large storage container for your living room, kitchen or child’s bedroom. To transform the basket into a lamp simply turn the basket upside down and add a bulb and wire to create a delicate light with an amazing shadow effect. What is great about each of these lampshades is how they highlight the versatility and enduring beauty bamboo brings to home décor.

2. We literally found in love with the minimalist design of this sofa which can be used both indoor and outdoor (under shelter). It is long enough for 3 people to seat and it comes with a cream cushion. Add your personal touch by displaying colourful cushions at the back to make it even more confortable.

3. Pair it with our bamboo coffee table! This no-frills coffee table is both sturdy and practical. Its simple design complements the natural bamboo it is made of, producing an end-product that exudes Mediterranean style.

4. Tine K Home’s bamboo ladder is a stylish addition to your bathroom. The ladder not only allows you to dry bath towels effortlessly, it is as well a decorative element of your bathroom.

5. Kick back and relax with a good book, or complete an afternoon's worth of work in comfort with this Bamboo Daybed. Simple and laid-back, this bed is great for lounging in, and even more perfect for taking a quick nap! Or display it in your kids room to create a nice, cosy reading corner.

6. With the cute lantern “Jez”, Broste Copenhagen is enhancing bamboo’s classic appeal and creating home accessories that features bamboo in innovative, modern and distinctive designs. This lantern is easy to incorporate and complements many design styles. Accumulate various Jez lanterns to decorate your dining table in style, or to create a warm, cosy and festive atmosphere on your outdoor terrace. 

Sometimes it feels as though hard materials like concrete, glass, bricks and stone dominate our environment. Perhaps it's time to start utilising natural materials like bamboo in subtle and creative design accents, as a simple way to encourage a sense of serenity and balance in your life and at home.

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