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Creating Stunning Interiors with Concrete

Concrete might not immediately spring to mind when it comes to interior design. However, concrete has undergone a remarkable transformation over the last few years. What was once considered a strictly utilitarian material has been reimagined and embraced by innovative designers who are creating sophisticated interiors and captivating home décor.

Concrete is raw, imperfect, grey and variable. These qualities which are so often viewed harshly are precisely what make concrete such a brilliant backdrop to the clean lines and geometric beauty of many contemporary spaces. Concrete design brings textural and visual contrast to a modern interior that is fresh, unique and extremely stylish.

The natural strength and versatility of concrete make it an ideal material for showcasing the refined beauty of minimalist designs. Unobstructed concrete walls and floors will expand the sense of space of any sized room and make your home feel relaxed and inviting. Also, the subtle range of greys within concrete produces a distinct design language that softens an interior space whilst simultaneously emphasising a setting’s distinct aesthetic.

One of the great advantages of using concrete in your interior is its customisation and durability. For a relatively low cost you can configure concrete into nearly any shape or size that you require. Whether you are creating a chic bathroom sink or adding a raw industrial finish to your kitchen counters; concrete’s strong utilitarian properties make it an ideal architectural material.

When decorating concrete interiors be selective with furnishings and accessories. Look for furniture and design pieces with clean, refined forms that impress with their visual precision and subtle style. The simple symmetry of modernist furniture and décor helps to draw out the stunning beauty of concrete interiors.

Concrete is not a material solely reserved for large design projects. More and more designers are incorporating concrete and cement into everyday, accessible home décor. Smaller objects are a great way to add light touches of raw industrialism throughout your home.

Broste Copenhagen’s Wax Candles in Cement Bowl highlights how adding concrete to a simple object can reveal unexpected notes of interest. Industrial design and Scandinavian minimalism blend seamlessly to create a unique candle set that radiates effortless style.

Another simple way to incorporate concrete in your home is through decorative accents. Accents allow you to stage a “rehearsal” before fully committing to a new design scheme. Chic home décor is an easy way to test out concrete design styles since you can quickly swap out or rearrange pieces according to your taste and needs.

If you are looking to casually introduce decorative concrete accents into your home take a look at the Les Glaçés Collection by French designer Marylène Tortora. Known as the “Queen of Cement” on the Côte d'Azur, Marylène Tortora’s has created a gorgeous collection of handmade, one of a kind concrete art tiles.

Each cement tile in the Les Glaçés Collection is truly unique and engraved with an iconic piece of furniture from world-renowned designers. The tiles can be used as decorative accents or integrated into your walls or flooring. Stylodeco has several tiles on offer so start your collection today!

Through innovative style and elegant design, concrete has moved away from its mundane trappings and given new life inside our homes where it has the freedom to amaze and inspire.

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