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Gifting Guide: Olsson & Jensen Vases

Whether it’s Sunday brunch with relatives or a dinner party with new friends, we all love the honour of an invitation. Thankfully, being a charming guest is pretty straightforward: be gracious, offer to help, clean up after yourself – and come bearing gifts.

Finding the perfect gift for your generous host, however, can be somewhat stressful. We tend to overcome this particular anxiety by defaulting to traditional presents, such as a bouquet of flowers or a bottle of wine. These gifts, though always appreciated, can sometimes feel a little too impersonal or uninspired.

The perfect thank you gift should be considerate of your host, a little indulgent (something your host isn’t likely to splurge on for themself) and serve a practical purpose. In our Stylodeco shop, we have a selection of vases, from Swedish firm Olsson & Jensen that will highlight both your gratitude and your good taste.

A gift that shows off your immaculate style

There is something immersive, dreamlike and otherworldly about these two stunning Olsson & Jensen Purple Vases. With their clean cylindrical form, sumptuous shades of aubergine and dynamic infusion of bubbles, these vases are truly spectacular.

Olsson & Jensen’s Purple Vases are available in two sizes: Large (Ø 18,5 x H 28 cm) and Medium (Ø 15 x H 16 cm). They can be used as an elegant candleholder, sophisticated kitchen vessel or decorative accent. Whether presented individually or paired as a set, these contemporary vases make exceptional hostess gifts.

For those who see perfection in the imperfect

We also carry Olsson & Jensen’s elegant Unico Vase. With its unique shape and uneven edges, the Unico Vase is a tribute to craftsmanship. It adds chic yet sophisticated touch to any interior when displayed on a coffee table or console.


The next time you are invited to a dinner party or have plans to spend the weekend at a friend’s house, show your appreciation with a present that is sure to impress and be remembered.

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