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Iconic Design | The Eclipse Lamp

From mathematicians to scientists, philosophers to architects, artists to designers; the nautilus shell has long been a source of inspiration. Nautiluses first appeared more than 500 million years ago and have been a popular symbol of perfection since the time of Ancient Greece. It is a figure of proportional perfection whose shape represents the elusive golden ratio in mathematics.

Throughout the nautilus’ life the intricate chambers of its shell will continue to strengthen, expand and renew. The nautilus shell is a wonderful representation of what we at Stylodeco aim to achieve everyday: balance, beauty and continual growth. We want to provide you with high-quality design and décor that inspires, energises and defines not just your home but you.

That’s why today’s Stylodeco’s Spotlight is on Mauricio Klabin (1952-2000), the famed Brazilian designer, photographer and mechanical engineer, who drew direct inspiration from the nautilus shell when he created the Eclipse Lamp. Originally designed in 1991 the Eclipse Lamp, from Objekto, has become an iconic piece of art and is featured in the permanent collection at New York’s Museum of Modern Art.

Simple yet strikingly clever, the Eclipse Lamp both directs and diffuses light in a lithe, almost imperceptible manner. The lamp’s shade is fabricated from a single ribbon-like strip of plastic, which can be formed and reshaped to orient the light to your preference.

The lamp’s metal frame has small, movable stabilizing rings that allow you to set the Eclipse Lamp in multiple positions. You can even remove the rings completely and transform it from a resting object into a suspension lamp that shines light from above. Whether on your desk at the office or hanging from the ceiling of your bedroom this is a lamp that will illuminate any space with style, purpose and distinction.

With the Eclipse Lamp Mauricio Klabin wanted to evoke feelings of warmth and comfort by allowing the lampto glow vibrantly from within. The anamorphic structure and adjustable design are meant to represent the different phases of the moon. His exquisite design inspires a sense of protection, placement and wellbeing.

You will notice that the Eclipse Lamp is distinguished by an absence of any salient angles, intricate parts or complex instructions. Mauricio Klabin advocated passionately that great design should be accessible to all. The lamp folds flat for easy storage and is delivered in a convenient pizza-like box to minimize excess packaging. The Eclipse Lamp is a remarkable achievement that bridges the divide between high art and accessible, everyday design.

The Eclipse Lamp is a design object that is elegant and aesthetically arresting. More impressively, though, is Mauricio Klabin’s ability to integrate smart, straightforward utility into the design and elevate the lamp from a functional object to a distinct work of art. The Eclipse Lamp is equally deserving of its place at the Museum of Modern Art and in the heart of your home.

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