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Love Warriors of the World Craft Bags

Love Warriors of Sweden is not your average interior design and home décor company. They do things a little differently. They follow their curiosity on journeys around the globe and search for treasures in corners of the world often forgotten or unseen.

Travelling inspires their work and they aim to share stories of strength and passion through their unique designs. With expertise in design, architecture, photography and styling the Love Warriors blend Scandinavian aesthetics with bohemian chic. Beautiful materials and skilled detailing set their designs apart.

Inspired by the unique stories and strong characters they’ve met on their travels they created the Love Warriors of the World series. Through the striking photography of Hannah Lemholt, the power and beauty of everyday warriors around the world is captured in fine art prints and exclusive home accessories.

Meet the Warriors

Each bag in this collection highlights a different warrior: Ingmari, CamillaAdi and Adéle the Elephant. Printed on high-quality craft paper, each bag features one warrior and a variation on the famous Hunter S. Thompson quote, “Walk tall, kick ass, love music and never forget you come from a long line of truth seekers, lovers and warriors”.

Functional art

In printing these images on large double-sided craft bags, Love Warriors has taken art off the wall and made an “ordinary” object truly distinct. These stylish bags are fantastic for everyday storage. Keep extra blankets, sheets or towels in your guest room fashionably convenient with one or all of these Warrior bags. They are also great for storing skeins of yarn or large craft supplies. The bag’s generous size is perfect for wrapping up large potted plants in your office, bedroom or front hallway.

Of course, as a warrior yourself, there is no reason to stick with convention when using these bags. As the Warriors say, “mess it up and use it any way you can think of”.

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