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Posted by Helene, Founder of STYLODECO on

Masseria Moroseta, A Simple Elegant Farmhouse On The Puglian Coast

Located on the Puglian coast near Ostuni (South-East of Italy), Hotel Masseria Moroseta is described by its owner as “a charming white stone farmhouse with six rooms in a 5 hectare organic olive grove”. This private getaway combines minimalism with simple elegance. Follow me as I explore the space in this house tour.

It seems Masseria Moroseta is everywhere on the web at the moment. I first discovered it on Atelier Rue Verte’s blog, then on Yatzer magazine and in works by photographer Renée Kemps (who I am a huge fan of). And yet, this popularity comes as no surprise – the white stone farmhouse looks absolutely stunning. I simply had to share more about this euphoric place with you today.

Minimalism by the ocean

Overlooking the Adriatic sea, Masseria Moroseta combines everything we love: comfortable, warm minimalism, and simple elegance in a quiet and peaceful environment. The gorgeous views of the vast countryside and ocean don't hurt either. It is one of those places you'd stay at on a romantic weekend, or when you simply need to mentally and physically relax. It could even be the perfect quiet place to work on a new novel. If only I was a writer... That would give me an excuse to take a "writing trip" to this oasis!

A charming farmhouse that fits perfectly with the landscape

The Italian farmhouse with whitewash walls definitely sets a holiday tone, inviting guests to relax and unwind away from the hustle and bustle of our daily routines. The villa itself and its interior were “conceived and built using traditional materials and techniques”. Yatzer explains that not only does “the building organically fit into the surrounding landscape”, but also “provides guests with an authentic experience as well as takes advantage of centuries-old practices to ensure for an environmentally friendly design with a minimal energy footprint”. Don't you think that adds even more charm to the place? 

Have a look at the breath-taking pictures below and let me know what you think!

Masseria Moroseta: a simple elegant farmhouse on the Puglian coast, Italy - MM's website Photos: @Salva Lopez

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