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Posted by Helene, Founder of STYLODECO on

Simple centrepiece ideas that will dramatically enhance your Christmas table decoration

With Christmas and New Year’s Eve coming around the corner, it might be time to start thinking about your Christmas table decoration. Need some inspiration? I have below listed a few simple centrepiece ideas that will dramatically enhance your table setting.


To start with, select your tablecloth - one of the most important elements of your table setting. Do not forget to check out our selection of 100% stone washed linen tablecloths; colours are stunning and the quality of linen is amazing.

Dinner Plates

It might sound obvious, but such a special occasion means it's time to put away your everyday plates, and look for some delicate chinaware. 

Part of Danish design firm Olsson & Jensen's new tableware collection, this lovely white dessert plate has an imperfect finish. A timeless piece that will add simplicity and elegance to your table setting. Check out the matching dinner plates, soup/starter bowls and serving dishes on our webshop too!

The Sands dinner plate from House Doctor perfectly encapsulates relaxed, Mediterranean style. Complete your dinnerware set with the matching dessert plate and rice bowl in the same style.

Flower vase

Once you have decided on the tablecloth and plates, start searching for display vases of different heights, and in threes. This Christmas season, add some gold if you can for a particularly festive look. Vases easily make great centrepieces, and we all have plenty of vases or decorative bottles/recipients in our homes. Simply fill them with minimalist Christmas tree branches and you’re done! It's as simple as that. What an easy and lovely way to enhance your Christmas table setting!

Decorative accents, candle lights and Xmas decorations

- Salt and pepper shakers. They are great way to spice up your table and will definitely help you set a stunning table. Your guests are sure to be wowed by these stylish and unique brass and marble shakers.

- Nothing creates an intimate and festive atmosphere better than candle lights. Choose from a selection of either candlesticks, t-light holders or lanterns. When lighting up candles at your dinner table, do not forget to lower the intensity of the electric lighting around you as well for the desired intimate effect.

- Last but not least, add some festive spirit to your table setting with some Christmas tree decorations. Simply display them across the table: paper ornaments, snowflakes, bells or stars - the more the merrier!

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