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Posted by Helene, Founder of STYLODECO on

Spruce Up Your Kids Room 2/3

This week I'd like to share a few more tips and ideas to help you revamp your little one's bedroom without breaking the bank: with some creative (and DIY) mobiles and garlands, and lovely toy baskets and boxes.

Creative suspensions, garlands & DIY Kids mobiles

For nights filled with sweet dreams and (hopefully, for your ears) nice awakenings, suspend a kids mobile above your baby’s bed. Mobiles create an amusing universe with characters, animals or geometrical forms that gently circle above your baby's bed, catching your child's attention and entertaining him/her. Creative suspensions exist in different styles: vintage, contemporary, and bohemian to name a few. You can also craft your own mobile with some paper or fabric. There are some images below if you need some inspiration, and you can head over to Pinterest for more. Or you could as well just hang one of Sukha's flag, bird and butterfly garlands. They are simply perfect when it comes to creating a festive and welcoming look in our kids room!

Storage baskets / Toy boxes

In a kid’s room you can never have too many storage boxes. I get so overwhelmed and flustered when I push open my kids' doors and discover the huge messes. Selecting nice storage baskets is not only an ingenuous way to redecorate a kid’s room without ruining yourself but also a practical way to clean up the bedroom in a matter of minutes. A little bit of improvisation (and non assorted baskets and boxes) will do the trick! For example, you can decide to give some vintage storage boxes a second life and mix them with some washable storage baskets by La Cerise sur Le Gâteau, Broste's bamboo basket or the iconic seagrass belly basket by Bloomingville. Toy boxes and chests are also a great idea! These are elegant and ludic, and with or without caster wheels. Toy boxes can become an important part of your kid’s room decoration and maybe even motivate your kids to tidy up their rooms by themselves!

Do stay tuned and look out for the cushions, bed sets, and patterned rugs I'll be talking about later this month! [Spruce up your kids room without breaking the bank 3/3]

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