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Posted by Helene, Founder of STYLODECO on

Spruce Up Your Kids Room 3/3

Here is the last post of our series called "how to spruce up your kids room".

You can check out my first post on wall decals, hooks & knobs, and my second post on kids mobiles and storage solutions for your kids rooms. I'll be ending the series today by talking about textiles, rugs and furniture.

Cushions & Bed Linens

When decorating your kids room, do not neglect textiles. Whether you choose to opt for pastel colours or colourful linen with funny or trendy designs, bed linens and cushions are key deco elements of the room. You also want to make sure you are building the perfect sleeping nest for your child. Choose soft and comfortable cotton or linen fabric, and decorate the bed with cushions and cuddly toys to create a cosy nest for your kids.


You may want to choose an adjustable bed so your kid can continue to use it as he grows up. Alternatively, you can also choose a simple bed and add a headboard. It’s an unique (and easy) way to customise your kid’s bed. You can even do it yourself with wallpaper, fabric, masking tape, and so on. My favourite though is the Rattan Single Bed we, at Stylodeco, designed for our clients. The rattan frame with its pattern shaped loops accentuates the timeless sophistication of vintage French design. Place this bed in a room with brightand contemporary features to instil a feeling of serenity. With this bed, your child’s room will be transformed into a calm and luxurious space that will impress everyone with its graceful style.

Create a reading corner (or a mini hut)

Start building your corner by choosing a chair or daybed and spread colourful cushions on them. You could also spread large floor cushions on a rug. Another way to go about this would be to build a mini-hut or teepee. The whole idea is to create a delimitated space that will hopefully turn into your kid's favourite place in the house. What could be better than a corner where your kids can drift off in delightful reverie, or read a book and let their imagination run wild!

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