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How To Style Your Throw Blankets

At home, as in life and work, a great deal of time, money and attention is paid to “star” performers: high-value items, like furniture and appliances or statement pieces like lighting and artwork. These “stars” of interior design may command the most attention, but a savvy individual knows it is the “supporting players” that are vital for achieving a stylishly successful home.

The quintessential accessory — throw blankets

The throw blanket is a perfect example of a “supporting player” that is too often overlooked and underestimated. A common accessory in bedding, furnishings and home décor, throw blankets are critically important for adding colour, texture, warmth and personality to a room. The throw blanket is more than just functional — it is a true style maker.

Styling throw blankets

Instantly update the look and feel of your living room by arranging a throw across the back of your sofa. Make a guest bedroom more personal by folding a throw blanket lengthwise across the end your Stylodeco Daybed. Drape a throw across your Malawi Chair for when you want to snuggle up under the stars. Throw blankets are incredibly versatile, complimentary and can be used in nearly every room of the house.

At Stylodeco we have a range of Sleep Tight Throw Blankets by Kim Soo Home that will add style and warmth to your home. For anyone who prefers to keep their home simple but stylish, the Sleep Tight Throw’s minimalist design is a subtle way to incorporate comforting shades of white and black into a space. Made of 100% hand-loomed cotton, these fashionable throws are lightweight, versatile, and an easy way to add a touch of softness to your home.

Check out as well Harmony's new linen throws from our webshop. With one side being a natural beige and the other light white, it's the perfect chance to alternate the colours used. Flip the throw to suit your mood or season.

Throw blankets may not be a “star” of interior décor but they are an essential and effortless way to keep your home cosy and chic.

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