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Wow Your Guests By Making Your Own Christmas Wreath

Be creative this festive season and make your own stylish Christmas wreath with some baby’s breath. Kate from Floweret Co. takes us through a step by step tutorial and tells us where to buy the materials, as well as how much they cost.

Some of you would know Kate and her amazing taste in fresh flowers. She does beautiful flower arrangements all year long.

With the festive season just around the corner, she also offers breathtakingly beautiful Christmas wreaths for sale on her website. Her wreaths are made to order, using fresh eucalyptus, thistle and baby's breath or wax flower. All details for placing orders can be found at the end of this post.



1) Wreath ($13): I bought a ready made twig one from Verge shopping centre in Little India (see address at the end of this post). It already had wire twisted around it which made it easy to insert the baby's breath. You could easily make your own wreath out of fresh sticks from the Thomson Road flower market (tortured willow is a good one as it bends easily). All you need to do is bend it around in to the size you want it and then tie it with wire or string at intervals to join it and keep it in shape.

2) Baby's breath ($31): One big bunch will be more than enough! You can buy this from the Thomson Road flower market (see address at the end of this post) or sometimes from your local wet market.


1) Cut off parts of the baby's breath leaving a long enough stem to insert under the wire on the wreath.

2) Make smaller bundles of baby's breath and then insert it in to the wreath on a 45 degree angle so that it is laying flat on the surface of the wreath. The baby's breath should sit in nice and snug

3) Continue inserting the baby's breath in the same direction so that it all “runs” the same way

4) Don’t worry if some bits poke out more than others, I think the irregular shape adds to the beauty!

5) This holiday wreath won’t last you more than a day at most as it’s not in water. It’s perfect for greeting guests at a xmas dinner party though! Try to keep it out of sunlight to prevent wilting.

Note: Baby's breath and gypsophila are the same thing!

About Floweret Co

A Singapore-based flower company delivering fresh blooms 3 days a week (Tuesday, Thursday, Friday), FLOWERET CO. selects only the freshest blooms from the market each morning and provides one style of bunch per day to ensure that wastage is minimised and customers only receive the ‘market best’.

Where to buy the materials

1) Wreath ($13):

Ming Sing Flowers,2 Serangoon Rd, 05-17/18/19 The Verge, Singapore 218227 

2) Baby's breath ($31): 

Far East Orchid Pte Ltd, 557 Thomson Road Singapore 298181

Photo Credits | All rights reserved: @Stylodeco.com

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