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  • DALIAN VASE by Olsson & Jensen
  • DALIAN VASE by Olsson & Jensen
  • DALIAN VASE by Olsson & Jensen
  • DALIAN VASE by Olsson & Jensen



Product Description

DALIAN VASE by Olsson & Jensen

Vases are one of the most versatile and important design accents in your home. These seemingly unassuming vessels do far more than act as a display for flower arrangements. In fact, vases can be incredible design objects themselves. 

The handmade Dalian vase is a unique creation by Swedish brand Olsson & Jensen. Mouth-blown out of glass, its unique shape creates an interesting focal point in your dining room, living room or bedroom. Its dimensions and texture will add depth and contrast to any type of shelving or mantle space. Placed on a side table or desk, the Dalian vase will help accentuate smaller decorative accents too.

Stylodeco's advice Experiment with displaying this exceptional vase on an empty shelf or side table to see where you best like seeing it. Its unique shape and versatility means it easy complements your other indoor decoration, so you simply have to choose where you'd like to see the vase sitting.

Read up on the story behind Olsson & Jensen's exquisite vases HERE

Dimensions: H 30 cm x Ø 23 cm
Colour: White
Material: glass


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